Products and Services
Slitter: Material is 6 long x wide. Gauge 0.0800- 0.1800. Material has been pickled, not cold reduced.
Side Trim Bales: Material is continuous stream of @ wide (12.7mm) material. Gauge 0.0061 (0.15mm-0.33mm). Material is baled into cubes approximately 3x 2 x 2. Bales weigh anywhere from 2000 3000#. Material is free of tin as coils are trimmed prior to the tinning process.
Hot Band Sheet Ends: Material is in Hot band form. Width between 30 55 x 2 rectangular pieces, gauges 0.0800-0.1800 (2.03mm-4.57mm).
Km-Cal Clips: Material has been pickled and cold reduced. Width between 30- 55 x 2 rectangular pieces, gauges 018 - .070.
Unprepared: Material is miscellaneous clips, scraps, coils, and banding from the steel making production process.
HMS #1 and #2
Cast Irons
Bonus Grade
Tin Bales/ TFS Bales